Tembu Tete
Sports Director

We, at Sagewood, believe that Sports plays a vital part of our lives and impacts positively on the learner’s physical development and academic achievements. Research has shown that the benefits are numerous, and evidence supporting sport participation for young people is overwhelming. Physically, the exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, reduces body fat strengthens and builds muscles. Participation in sports makes one work harder in the classroom. It makes you smarter as it increases concentration, promotes goal setting and attainment, and improves self esteem and self discipline. Social interaction and leadership qualities are further enhanced during sports. It provides an opportunity to bond with your teammates and opponents, develop a sense of community interaction and improve relationships with adults. All this makes one stronger. Furthermore, it reduces drug and alcohol abuse. Playing sports reduces stress and tension and teaches learners to relax. They learn to handle adversity and further challenges become less daunting. Although having fun is the primary aim in the child’s decision to play sport, the dream of eventually competing professionally is present in many learners’ minds. Parents are becoming more aware and supportive of their children’s sporting potential and dreams. Presently, the pros and cons of competitive sport are controversial. Some believe that focus on winning and domination of competition can make children feel unworthy. Sports should teach children the value of competition and how to strive towards excellence, handle failure and continue to better themselves. They should be the best they could and compete against themselves rather than others. This would shift the emphasis from dominating others to improving oneself.