Sagewood School Parents Association

The object of the Sagewood Parents Association (SPA) is to:

  • support and further the interests and welfare of the School, and of its teachers and children;
  • foster a spirit of community amongst the parents, teachers and children of the School;
  • provide information on the channels of communication between the parents of children in the School and the School according to the purpose of the SPA for fundraising and social function.

For this purpose and subject to the terms of this constitution, the SPA shall have the following powers:

  • to collect funds and to accept donations, bequests or legacies.;
  • to organise and hold functions for fund-raising or social purposes, and to support the activities of the School;
  • to assist financially or otherwise in the provision of additional facilities, academic or otherwise, which the Committee of the SPA or sub-committees, with the approval of the Head, considers of benefit to the School;
  • to expend funds received by the SPA in pursuance of the objects of the SPA in consultation with the Head and the Board