In a happy, stimulating environment, children flourish!

With a solid foundation, anything is possible!

Our focus is on a quality education, building a solid foundation for the child’s future learning.

What the kids say about school……

Khanyisile in Gr 0 Yellow said: “I like when we go to the library and choose books. I like the things that we have and toys we play with. It is nice to do work at school. I love my school!"

Molemo in Gr 0 Yellow said: “I like it when we make jelly and popcorn in baking”

Charme in Gr 0 Yellow said: “I enjoy school. I like it when teacher changes the classroom and brings new toys. I love doing baking!”

Nolwazi in Gr 0 Yellow said: “I learn to draw, cut and paint. We learn to share. Teacher likes Saying “Sharing is caring”. School is fun"

Here at Sagewood we teach the children through play, they learn about the value of learning, reading, experiencing new things and about families, they experience many facets of life through visits to our library, outings to cultural villages, Zoo’s and visits from the Fire Station and even a vet during pet week.  The children have a weekly theme and we expose them to as many different forms of learning and encourage individuality in all of them.  Music is a valuable part of our curriculum and allows the learners free expression in the form of movement and playing of instruments.    

Our PTA is very involved and often has socials and family events, thus supporting their children in everyway!

Our Pre-Primary School uses a child-centred approach with a well-structured programme of daily routines designed to foster feelings of security and well-being in the very young child, and strengthen their learning abilities. Our beautiful custom-designed facilities allow a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities to be effectively supervised, whilst giving the children a sense of space and freedom to explore and grow in both mind and body.

Our qualified, caring, experienced staff prepares learners for formal schooling with a wide range of activities designed to balance all the growth areas - emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and physical. Class sizes are small. The daily routines are carefully planned and regarded as important parts of the learning process, The following gives a breakdown of the activities our learners experience daily:

Climbing apparatus, Outdoor free play time, Modelling, Story rings, Cycle track, Fantasy play, Music rings, Baking, Physical Education, Library visits,
Indoor free time, Book area, Block pla,y Weekly theme displays, Obstacle course, Puzzles, Construction, Sand and water play, Birthday rings,
Perceptual games, Imaginative play corners, Collage, cutting, pasting, painting.

Whatever the topic discussed or activity engaged in, our curriculum is designed to introduce even the youngest learner to the basic skills, knowledge, attitudes and values of the three learning Programmes, literacy, numeracy and life skills through play.


Our Pre-Primary aftercare service has its own separate staff, classroom and programme of activities, within the secure Pre-Primary area. Aftercare is available until 17:15.

Paid Activities are available after school hours at very reasonable rates.  We offer Monkeynastix, Action Ball, Intro Golf, Ballet, Soccer, Computers, Batman Kids Cricket and Kidi-Sportz.