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Sagewood School College is one of the leading providers of high school education in the Midrand area; we have earned a reputation of academic excellence through the hard work of our learners, teachers, parents, and staff. The class of 2013 matric results is a testimony to this.

We aim to give every learner in our care the very best possible education in order to prepare them for life beyond school. Sagewood’s research has shown that the majority of Sagewoodian graduates have made meaningful contributions to our country’s economy through their wide variety of entrepreneurial endeavours and achievements.

Our school is large enough to provide a broad and differentiated curriculum that caters for varied interests and abilities. Learners find they can pursue their interests and strengths to the best of their ability and are encouraged to achieve their personal best at all times.

Our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom. We encourage our learners to involve themselves in the broad co-curricular programme. Learners have the opportunity to participate fully on the sporting field and in leadership activities. Learning here takes place in many shapes and forms.

We offer a safe learning environment that promotes intellectual growth, health, creativity, and respect for self and others. The nurturing environment supported and created by the caring staff of the college give rise to learners feeling safe enough to express themselves. Free expression within socially accepted constructs is encouraged.

To all parents, I encourage you to remain involved in every level of your child’s education and tostay informed of their academic progress

By working together and remaining involved, parents send a clear message about the importance of their child’s education.


College Principal